Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Monday, September 28, 2009


school has gotten a lot better since the last time i posted. i mean, i still don't think high school is all it's cracked up to be but it's still better than middle school so i'm happy. i've finally made some new friends (well, aquaintences) so that makes my days go by much faster which i am very thankful for.

i was sick today so i didn't go to school which means i'm going to have lots of make up work when i go back. yay! i'm just hoping i get better soon. i started feeling bad yesterday and janel texted me and said she had the flu... so now i'm kind of worried. pray it's not the flu.

church is still pretty good. i actually look forward to going and it makes me so happy. :) right now we are going through a series called 40 days of prayer. basically, for the next 7 weeks we are focusing on praying and strengthening our relationship with God. it's really cool. Valarie, the lady that is teaching the girls in the youth group, has encouraged us to do a media fast for these 40 days. i was all about it when she first suggested it but it's a lot harder than you would think. i did well for the first couple days and then it went down hill from there. i think we've been doing it for about 2 weeks now (although it seems like 2 months). i just got on facebook for the first time yesterday. i'm going to start getting back on but only one day a week. i've done well with not watching tv. i think i've only watched it once and that's because i was at someone elses house and i wasn't going to tell them to turn their tv off. anyhow, maybe i have failed in other peoples' minds but in my opinion i have done well. any amount of time of fasting is a success. i wish i could do better but i'm not beating myself up about it. i don't think the point is to make yourself feel bad.

well, i guess that's about it. sorry for the randomness. i always forget to post and when i remember i have nothing interesting to talk about.

oh yeah, i'm working on making a photography blog too so that's kind of exciting... for me at least. i probably won't have anything up till this weekend. caroline is coming over and i think we are going to have a photo shoot! yay for friends that let you take pictures of them!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9th grade sucks - part 1 :)

i have returned! i am really disappointed in myself for not posting in the last few months but oh well, no time to dwell on it. i should totally be in bed right now. the only reason i am up writing is because i just started high school yesterday and so i have lots of new and interesting stories to tell and my head won't shut up about them.

so, high school. what can i say? it really isn't that great. i mean, not bad, but not that great either. boring would probably be the best word to describe it. or interesting. or both.

yesterday i woke up already dreading the day ahead. i got ready, and headed to the bus stop where there were 2 girls. in my mind i was thinking, thank goodness, i won't have to get on alone. and then they started holding hands.... and not the way i hold hands with my friends when they're going through a hard time or something. oh no. this was like WEIRD holding hands, if you get my drift. awkward...
i asked emily to keep texting me until she got to school so i had something to do besides watch them hold hands. and she did. bless her. i've never been so happy to stare at a phone before.

i made it through the bus ride. luckily i got to sit beside a guy who didn't talk so that was cool.

i managed to make it through 3 classes without getting lost and then it happened. i couldn't find trailer 27. (keep in mind we have like 11 buildings and 4 trailers at east. no joke) i almost had a heart attack but i collected my thoughts and just made myself ask i random person walking by. and guess what? he didn't act like i was stupid or anything. he was actually extremely nice about it. he even walked me to the building!

later on i ran into someone, a giant someone of course, and he didn't kill me. he just kept on walkin'. and i was perfectly ok with that.

nothing too exciting happened the rest of the day.

today was also interesting. Gabe, a 4th grader who lives in our neighborhood, was sitting at my bus stop so i decided to sit with him instead of the girl that had been there the day before. it was much less awkward. then the bus came and i ended up sitting with the same guy as yesterday because of course there are never any seats available, except beside him. then i started wondering WHY the only seats available are beside him and got a little scared...

the rest of the day was extremely boring. i have english for 2 hours. it's terrible. longest 2 hours of my life. what really sucks is i don't have any friends in that class to make it any less boring either. during that time i got called to the office and got lost and had to walk all the way back across campus. i didn't care though. it was taking up time that i could be in english so i was happy. :) when i made it to the office they told me they were switching me to a less crowded bus which was really relieving. now i never have to know why there are available seats next to that guy.

the new bus was wayy better, except for the guy that cussed out the bus driver first thing, but whatever. you learn to ignore those things, and apparently so did the bus driver because he didn't say a word. there were only about 15 people so we pretty much all got a seat to ourselves. it was fantastic. oh yeah, while i was waiting for the bus to leave school i got to see a make-out session. it was pretty freaking gross. really people, keep your tongues to yourselves. nobody wants to see that mess.

sorry if that was really boring. i'm not in the best writing mood but i'm hoping my mind will be quiet and let me rest now.

ugh, i forgot i had to write a positive. why did i even make that rule???
alright, here it is : i have lunch with emily and janel and it is wonderful! definitely my favorite part of the day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

money for debra

i just read katie's comment on the last post and realized i never told how much money i raised! i thought it would be more than this but i think it was $47 (or somewhere around there). i definitely raised the most though. the person that raised the most after me raised $22. anyhow, i was happy... even if it's not a whole lot of money.

also, i haven't been updating much lately because our computer is kind of freaking out these days. it freezes every time i try to post pictures or sometimes it just does it randomly. i'm gonna try and defrag it though (amy's suggestion) and see if that helps. i just really hate doing post without pictures, but i'll try and get some up soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

best day

yesterday was pretty much the best day of school this year. for once i ended the day with a smile instead of a headache. *gasp*

we are having EOGs this week which is making the week better. it means that we spend half the day doing test (which personally i think is better than learning) , go to lunch, and then pretty much goof off the rest of the day. for the first 2 days we also got to stay with homeroom all day which is where lots of my friends are so that was pretty cool.

to explain why my day was so good though i'll have to back up to a few weeks ago. in language arts we had a huge research project on world problems. we could pick whatever topic we wanted as long as we could make it into a thesis. i really wanted to do something that actually affected me in some way so of course the first thing i thought of was jonah and EB. the hard part was turning it into a thesis but i thought of a pretty good one; Most people are unaware of Epidermolysis Bullosa and because of that funding isn't going towards research and that is why there is no cure. i thought it was pretty good because it's true. so true. after doing research and writing my essay i had to make a powerpoint and make a 2-3 minute speech to my class. i would say it went pretty well. i've found that its much easier to make a speech when you actually know what the heck you're talking about. apparently the class thought it was pretty good too because last week they voted for me and 3 others in my class to present it in front of the whole team (that's about 100 kids!). i was scared out of my mind but i wanted to do it. especially when ms. long said that at the end each kid got a "charity buck" and got to choose which charity they wanted to give it to. then the teachers were going to tally up the charity bucks for each charity and donate the real amount of money to each one. i knew i had to do it, for jonah and weston and all the other EB kids.

ok, back to now. well, yesterday. whatever. after lunch we went straight to the media center to listen to everyone's presentations. there were 10 kids in all making presentations (a few from each LA class). i was so nervous but once i got up there it was fine. at first i was stuttering around and a little shaky but i relaxed and it went smoothly. i basically just explained everything on my powerpoint, showed off pictures of jonah and weston, and then told them about my charity (debra). after everyone presented it was time to drop off the charity bucks into whatever shoebox they wanted and head out.

here's the cool part. i needed a bigger shoebox to fit all the charity bucks people were stuffing in there! seriously, my teacher said kids were having trouble fitting them all in there. how cool is that!? i can't wait to find out how much money was raised for debra!

oh yeah, another awesome thing is that after my presentation one of the teachers from my school, ms. tincher, called me over in private. it kinda scared me cause i never talk to her so i wasn't really sure what was going on, but of course it was nothing bad. quite the opposite actually. she handed me a $100 check to give patrice and matt for jonah's medical expenses! "give this to your sister to use for jonah's medical supplies. it's not much but...." um what!? not much? silly silly lady. it was plenty and such a wonderful thing for her to do! i was really amazed and so appreciative. God really shines through some people. after presentations it was time to go home and i had a smile on my face the whole way there.

so there you have it, the best day ever.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

gabe's first birthday

for weeks i have been trying to think of what i was going to write on my blog for gabe's birthday. i wanted to make it something special... something that would honor gabe and show how amazing he is. but i have nothing. i'm not good with words like patrice is. i can't describe my feelings in writing, or at least not the ones i have right now.

all i can really say is that i miss gabe. i miss him like crazy. every day i think about him and long for the day i get to see him again and tell him i love him. i want to tell him how much he means to me and make up for all the hugs we missed out on. that day will come eventually. i just have to be patient. for now i will just hold on to the happy memories i have and try to forget the sad ones.

i wanted to make a post way better than this one but i know that gabe doesn't care. he knows how much i love him and that's all that matters. it doesn't have to be written down to be true.

happy first birthday gabe. i love you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

8th grade sucks - volume 8

shortly after jonah was born sarah bought all the girls in our family necklaces from a foundation that makes jewelry and gives ALL of the proceeds to EB research. pretty cool, huh? well, i always always wear mine except for when i take a shower. it makes me feel closer to jonah when i can't be with him.

today in math class a boy that sits at my table told me i should get a new necklace, i guess because he's noticed i wear the same one all the time. i said no, that is was special and it meant a lot to me. then he told me i should get one that was cooler in a disgusted tone that basically meant that my EB necklace was ugly (which it's totally not!). then i told him to shut up ( i don't play when it comes to EB... or jonah... or what i'm wearing). another girl stuck up for me and told him to leave me alone because she actually knew what the necklace was. then he got really mad and said he was tired of females telling him to shut up.

i didn't say anything because i was mad and sad and figured that whatever would come out of my mouth i would later regret saying. if i HAD of said something though, it would gone a little bit like this. I'M tired of insensible, immature jerks like you who don't give a crap about anyone's feelings. then i would have told him to grow up. (and yes, that was actually the nice version of what went through my head).

i could of also gone through the list of other things i'm tired of.

  • sadness

  • death

  • pain

  • crying

  • sadness

  • hospitals

  • blisters

  • aquaphor

  • sadness

  • bandages

  • EB

  • people not understanding

  • and sadness (did i already mention that one?)

it could keep going but its about time for me to go to bed. and the point of this post is not to name all the things i'm tired of.

i admit, maybe saying shut up wasn't the best way to handle things, but he shouldn't have said what he said either. i guess there is a lot of things we all do that we shouldn't. i have forgiven him. why should i waste my time worrying about what he thinks? him saying that has not affected me in anyway except for making me angry (for that moment) and making me want to show my necklace off even more. i will keep wearing it and i'll keep being proud of it and i'll keep being proud of jonah.

my positive of the day: that same boy got in trouble today for wearing an inappropriate shirt and was embarrassed in front of the whole class about it. so HA!
ok ok, maybe i'm still a little mad... or maybe i'm just glad he got in trouble. either way...